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Landing Pages

Hall of Words - Landing Page

Landing pages have one purpose, to get their information in exchange for something of value. In this case it is a free eBook in the form of a PDF. After they have filled in the information and clicked on the submit link they are usually sent to a thank you page. Once there they will be thanked and presented with another offer or two. It will also send them the first of your autoresponder emails. I designed this one with a peaceful image behind the sales copy and images. Why this combination works is because it puts the reader in a receptive condition.

Inmotion Landing Page

Here we have another example with the image behind the message. In this case it gives the reader an indication of what the product is or the general subject of the offer. This is a landing page for a web hosting company. The three large computers denotes power, dependability, superior technology and reliability. The message then reinforces the image by taunting the benefits of the service.

Learn Copywriting Landing Page

This landing page takes on the guise of a regular page in appearance with its header and footer. There purpose is to grab attention and lead the reader into the main body where the offer is made. The image of the book tells them what they will receive without saying a word. The Free Download headline tells them it won't cost them money. The statement above tells them that there is a deadline so they have to act now if they want the free gift. The footer image is particularly of interest as it mirrors the book cover. The gold pen ads a richness to the image.