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Denver Art Museum

Our Art Is Disappearing!

Dear Fellow Art Lover,

For us art is a passion, a love affair that we live each and every day. Seeing the gentle blending of shapes and colors as they build a masterpiece painting. Or how the artist has captured the exquisite form of the perfectly sculpted man. The straining sinewed muscles, the expression of determination on the face, plus the agony and pleasures seen in the eyes.

And it is up to us to let those that have never known all the emotions and elations we feel when we see these masterpieces.

Each year, money is taken from school programs for the students who have never had the opportunity to learn about art. They will never know the rich heritage or the struggles and sacrifices made by artists who brought their art to society.

Now I know times are tough and money is scarce in our school system, but our children should not be made to suffer for our lack of foresight.

There is, however a bastion of hope and it rests in art museums around the country like the Denver Art Museum.

These art museums are a place where an art connoisseur or casual art admirer can experience the world of art. But more importantly they are a place where anyone that has never been exposed to great art can find the appreciation they didn't know they had.

Sadly enough each year fewer young people are able to discover the appreciation they might have known for art. What makes this so sad is that we know how an appreciation for fine art can shape and mold a young mind into someone that can truly become a productive member of society.

Our dilemma in this complex world is how to best serve this need to bring appreciation to those that would have a craving to learn more about art and perhaps even create their own masterpieces for the world.

Since the school system is unable to provide this impetus it is left to the private sector to take the reins once more and educate as many as possible on the benefits that can be found in the world of art.

How we at the Denver Art Museum hope to accomplish this is through your generous donation. If you are not interested in make a donation you can also purchase one of our yearly membership packages.

Membership is easy and beneficial.

You can join today at one of the many levels offered and enjoy the privileges of membership for an entire year. Typical benefits include:

Basic Package

  • Free general admission for one year.

  • Free admission to all exhibitions requiring a ticket.

  • Option to purchase additional admission tickets to ticketed exhibitions at a discount.

  • Priority registration for adult programs, kids camps and classes at discounted rates.

  • 10 percent discount in all Museum Shops.

  • Members-only event invitations.

  • Subscription to "On and Off the Wall", our bimonthly magazine.

  • Optionally receive our e-newsletter Art Mail.

  • Opportunity to join support groups and volunteer councils.

  • Reduced subscription rates on Architectural digest, Art in America and other selected art magazines.

Benefits vary with membership levels.

Membership Benefits & Levels

There are many membership levels for you to choose from and one will surely be just right for you. You can join as an individual for $50 or if you are a senior, student or teacher you can join for only $45. With each of these you get the basic package, a personalized membership card and two admission tickets for special exhibits requiring a ticket.

If you're married or have a significant other you can join as a Dual member or as a Family member for $70. You get the basic package, two personalized membership cards and six admissions to each ticketed exhibition. You may also exercise your option to buy another card for a designated nanny or caregiver for $25.

Sustaining membership is $125. With this package you get the basic package, two personalized membership cards, twelve tickets to exhibits requiring a ticket, the option to purchase an extra card for a designated nanny or caregiver for $25, membership privileges at more than 50 museums and an invitation to an exclusive annual event plus two free general admission guest passes.

The Supporting membership is $500 and you get all the basic package benefits for four adults and their dependent children/grandchildren ages 18 or younger, plus four personalized membership cards, fourteen admissions to each ticketed exhibition, the one card option for a designated nanny or caregiver at $25, membership privileges at more than 50 museums, invitations to two exclusive annual events, four free general admission guest passes, listing in the annual report and an invitation to Collectors' Choice.

You can become a Benefactor for $1,000 with all the benefits from the basic package for four adults and their dependent children/grandchildren ages 18 or younger with four personalized membership cards, fourteen admissions to exhibitions requiring tickets, the "Plus One" card option for a designated nanny or caregiver at $25, membership privileges at more than 50 museums, Invitations to two exclusive annual events, four free general admission guest passes, one free exhibition catalog, listing in the annual report, an invitation to Collectors' Choice and an invitation to an Associates event.

No matter which level you choose you know that you are receiving a far greater value for your money even if you could purchase everything separately. You also get the satisfaction of knowing that you increase the functionality of the Denver Art Museum.

Or you can take your membership to the next level as an Associate member.

Associate Membership Benefits & Levels

As an Associate member of the Denver Art Museum, you will be supporting the museum while enjoying exclusive benefits that include access to the museum's collections and exhibitions, the opportunity to visit private collections around the world, meet the museum curators, and receive invitations to some of the year's most prestigious events.

More importantly you could be giving a gift of far greater value to someone that has not realized just how much art can enrich their lives. Believe it or not there are people in the world who have not ever experienced how fine art can effect them, how it can enhance their lives and touch their souls.

Young Associates (YA) are the future leaders of the museum and the next generation of museum patrons. By becoming a Young Associate for $1,000 you will receive several of the same benefits as the Associate members and enjoy exclusive YA events.

When you become an Associate member for a $2,500 donation you will receive all the benefits from the basic package for two adults and dependent children/grandchildren age 18 or younger, invitations to the Collectors, Curators, and Connoisseurs Salon Series, where you can get to know curators and other art scholars, private tours of ticketed exhibitions, exclusive events with the museum director and curators, unique art-related travel opportunities to significant museums and private collections, membership privileges at more than 50 museums, complimentary museum catalog of your choice from the Museum Shop and 10 percent discount in the Museum Shop.

For those age 65 and older we offer our Senior Associate program for $1,500 where you receive all the same benefits as our Associate members.

If you would truly like to be involved we also offer First 100 Associate program for $5,000. You will receive all Associate member benefits for two adults and their dependent children/grandchildren (age 18 or younger), plus you can choose to designate 50 percent of the total gift amount to a museum program or department of your choice. You will have the opportunity to consult with curators about your personal acquisitions and collections and you will receive annual recognition on the museum's donor wall.

For more information or to become a Member or an Associate please call the Denver Art Museum's membership office at 720-913-2764.

If you prefer and for your convenience we have a fully functional website where you can become a member and make your donation. Simply go to and sign up under the get involved tab on the left side of the screen.

Make your voice heard today by becoming a member or an associate. Your donation may make it possible, through our advertising, for someone that has never experienced the rapture of art to become involved. It may just lead them to view their first piece of fine art.

It is required by the IRS for the Denver Art Museum, a nonprofit organization, to provide written disclosure of the fair market value (FMV) of the benefits you receive when you become a member. The tax-deductible portion of memberships is as follows: Senior/Student/Teacher $36; Individual $41; Family/Dual $42; Sustaining $78; Supporting $384; Benefactor $859; Young Associates $809; Senior Associates $1,309; Associates $2,309; First 100 Associates $4,809.

Yours in the World of Art,

Curator of the Denver Art Museum

P.S. If not for yourself do it for the future. You hold the gift of knowledge about the world of art for young minds to enfold within your grasp. The time to act is now before it's too late and the art appreciation for our masterpieces has disappeared forever. Please take the time to avail the opportunity for these young minds.

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