Create a Social Site to Increase Your Free Traffic

Social Sites Increase Traffic

Social sites increase traffic and also increase your income  Start off by increasing your traffic for no cost. Your social site is the perfect place to accomplish.this.

Encourage your visitors to be active by using what’s known as ‘A Call to Action’. As a copywriter you already know about call to action and how effective it can be when used correctly and in the right place on the page.

Don’t Sound Salesy

Don't Try To SellPeople love to buy, but they hate to be sold. It makes us feel like we’re getting the raw end of the deal. Be friendly but authoritative as you are the go to source for your particular niche. This is one way that social sites increase traffic

You want to engage them. Make them glad they came and they will come again and again. Be sincerely trying to help them find their solution. You should not have even begun if that wasn’t the reason you started this in the firs place.

Make use of the comments you receive. Spend time each day on comments by answering or responding to them. They took the time to write it and would like to hear back from you.

Social Sites Increase Traffic In Other Ways

Create relationships with not only your visitors but with other bloggers as well. Blogging is a lonely business as writers for centuries have discovered. Some of the only social interaction they get some days is from comments. Your comment should be pertinent and add value to the conversation. Don’t post just to post and don’t be a nuisance.

Forums are a wonderful place to interact and engage with your visitors. By adding a forum to your site you build a place for people to gather and discuss whatever they want. It may even grow beyond your wildest dreams. If it does you’ll want to appoint a monitor to keep things civil.

In conclusion these are just a few ways social sites increase traffic. By thinking outside the box you can enjoy growing with increased free traffic. It’s these little things that your visitors will notice and appreciate.

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