The Science of Persuasion

The Science of Persuasion

Everywhere you look somebody’s trying to sell you something – at the grocery store, on the radio, billboards, TV, the Internet, along with so many others. Many people don’t really understand the process of selling, but it is deeply rooted in an understanding of human psychology. Over the past century there has been a lot of psychological research done and much has been learned. One thing for certain is that the science of persuasion exists and that there are six primary motivators that are useful in convincing people to do what you want.

The Science of Persuasion Trait #1. RECIPROCATION

ReciprocationThis is just basic in the science of persuasion in that people repay someone’s kindness. When given something you just naturally want to give them something in return. That’s the strategy behind free samples and why they are so very successful. It is not only gifts and favors that apply. It also to concessions that are given.

The Science of Persuasion Trait #2. SOCIAL VALIDATION

We are social creatures and we like to validate our decisions by looking at what others are doing. Just look at the popularity of social media. Social ValidationIt is one of the best ways for us to get feedback and justify yourself and what you’re doing. Through this a person can be manipulated and convinced to do what you most want them to do.

The Science of Persuasion Trait #3. CONSISTENCY

Consistency No one likes to look bad, have a bad performance, have others perceive them as being bad. We set professional athletes, speakers and celebrities up on a pedestal and would love to emulate them. With the science of persuasion we can easily be swayed by public opinion or celebrity endorsements. It is more likely, however, you’re more likely to stick with your previous commitments and trends.

The Science of Persuasion Trait #4. AUTHORITY

Look at those recognized with authority. They have credentials that separate them from the crowd. They are the leaders in their field, winning accolades and awards. In sales just mentioning awards won by a product or service set them apart from the rest and therefor more desired.

The Science of Persuasion Trait #5. LIKING


Yet another basic principle in the science of persuasion that is as simple as it sounds: People would rather say yes to those they like. Compliments almost always work as long as they sound sincere. Some give and take is always appreciated by the client. It gives them a sense that they have some control. Finding some common ground is always a good thing as it breeds familiarity and comradery.

The Science of Persuasion Trait #6. SCARCITY

Limited time and limited quantity are valuable tools in the science of persuasion. Scarcity Scarcity creates the fear of loss. It causes a person to react and sometimes that reaction is to buy or to sign up to an opt-in list so you can attempt to sell to them repeatedly. I have sold things to people simply because it was the last one left. It was their fear of losing that made them choose to buy, making this one of the most powerful weapons in your arsenal.

It is not good enough to know about these 6 traits in the science of persuasion, you must also know when to implement them into your marketing and which is the best for which situation. Let me help you sort it out. Call me for a free 1-hour consultation.

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