Marketing on a Shoestring

Marketing on a Shoestring

Marketing on a shoestring is the art and science of producing sales for a product or service with very little or no money. It is an age-old practice that began when the first person tried to sell something to another for nominal gain. Some of the more notable marketers have etched a name for themselves due to their success and today is no different.

Gurus? You see names of supposed gurus plastered all over the Internet. Some actual and some professed. Nevertheless, marketing is how they have amassed a fortune. To realize your own financial success you must learn to utilize what’s available when marketing on a shoestring.

To become you successful you need 2 things a product and a vehicle used to announce that product to those that wish to buy it. Think it’s tough, think again. In fact there are many methods in which to accomplish your objective of marketing on a shoestring.

1. Article Marketing on a Shoestring

Article MarketingThere are many sites that will allow you to post articles for free. How this helps you is they will let you put a link to your site helping you with your Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This counts as a backlink and creates targeted traffic, which also gives you a better chance of converting those visitors into paying customers.

2. Forum Marketing on a Shoestring

Forum MarketingNo matter what your niche there is a forum that caters to it. Find them, join some and lurk around for a while to get the hang of how things work. Then begin posting to threads to offer advice or follow threads and thank them for their words of wisdom. These are also a good way to find out useful information that will actually help you in your endeavors of marketing on a shoestring. Again you can place links to your site to get a backlink.

3. Free Classified Ads

Free Classified AdsThese are just like what they seem. You can go to these sites and put up classified ads for free to get traffic to your site. The secret here is being able to write effective ads. Of course they need to go under the proper category and should be written so they give the reader enough information to make them want more.

4. Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization - SEO

Volumes have been written on this subject. What it really boils down to is using longtail keywords to rank easily in the search engine. The amount of traffic is less, but is very targeted. There are other factors involved, such as the age of the website and the type of competition. I understand that you have no control over these factors except the amount of traffic. It’s called free traffic, but it is anything but free as it either costs you time or money to reach the first page on Google.

5. Press Releases

Press ReleasesThese are another real good source of free advertising just because the public views them as news stories. The trick here is to make it sound like a news story while you sell. It can be done and when it is done right it can be very successful and the cost is free to help when you’re marketing on a shoestring.

6. Social Media Marketing on a Shoestring

Social Media MarketingMany marketers have turned their focus or at least a portion of it to marketing through social sites like twitter, facebook or one of the many others. Serious money is being made through marketing efforts through these sites. First off create a business page and attract a following. Post to your FaceBook page, then tweet about it on Twitter, pin it on Pinterest, and make a video for YouTube.

7. Networking and Master Mind Groups

Networking and Master Mind GroupsIn your area you can find people that meet regularly to discuss things of like interest. When you’re marketing on a shoestring it’s a great way to get the word out. The trick is to choose the right networking events. Master mind groups won’t directly bring you business, but you will benefit as you will get ideas that can really help propel your business.

I hope this information has been helpful and I encourage you to comment if you have anything to add or say on the subject “Marketing on a Shoestring”.

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