Copywriting Is Your Strongest Ally

Copywriting Is Your Strongest Ally

How you are perceived is due to the messages received. This is where copywriting is your strongest ally. Whether you are just starting out or an established business your branding is important to the stability of your business. How then is this established and perpetuated?

You cannot control some of it as it is entirely out of your hands. What you can control is in the messages you’re sending to your customers or clients. Again here is where copywriting is your strongest ally.

Make a Good First and Every ImpressionMake a Good First and Every Impression

To send the right message to those you wish to serve is of the utmost importance. You could employ someone to write each and every message. In this way, you will portray your business in the best light possible. Copywriting is your strongest ally when done well and that message will sell your product(s) or service(s) at the same time.

Your sales letter is part of your branding, like it or not. You achieve favorable results when the writing is written as if you’re talking to a friend. If it’s done well they’ll see you as someone they can trust. You’ll be amazed at how many people will respond when you show them you’re one of them, only an expert on this one thing.

It all amounts to nothing if you don’t grab their attention in the first place. Again copywriting is your strongest ally when it comes to writing headlines. The first thing anyone will see is the headline. If you begin by writing down at least ten headlines, a hundred is better, that you will eventually narrow down to a few and then to one. This is the process good copywriters use.


Market the BenefitsWhy Copywriting Is Your Strongest All

It’s not enough to grab their attention, you must also keep it. Here again, copywriting is your strongest ally. It teaches us how to engage the reader with benefits, benefits that will solve their problem. After all, that why they are there, to solve their problem.

Write about the benefits they’ll receive, but pick one primary benefit to highlight. Use descriptive phrasing to make them visualize enjoying the benefit. Let them see themselves in their mind using the product or service. As they do their emotions will run high and that’s when they are compelled to buy it.

Here is where you would put a ‘Call To Action’ phrase and guide them to and through the buying process. In a long sales letter, this would be just the first of usually three or four ‘Call To Action’ phrases. On the internet, you’ll use a link or a shopping cart or some means of collecting whatever it is you want.

Where Copywriting is Your Strongest AllyWhere Copywriting is Your Strongest Ally

There is also the skimmer you must write for as they don’t really read the piece, they just glance over it, picking out pieces here and there. For this, copywriting is your strongest ally as you’ll want to employ subheads, visuals, lists and other tools to attract their attention. Each tool is designed to slow them down and help them pick up on the important things you want to put across.

Last but not least is the jumper. This person reads the headline and the first paragraph. They may even skim a little bit, but ultimately they jump to the end. Here is where the ‘P. S.’ can deliver a knock-out punch. That punch is the main benefit. Hit them with that, as that is what 90% of them are there for.

To help your business grow is my primary goal when you become my client. I have 10 years of experience working as a copywriter My background is in print media and during that time I became proficient at designing print ads which are easily converted into the more modern technology of today’s websites.

My Call To Action For You

Be it a banner ad a sales letter on your website I can give you what you need to get results. I am a wordsmith and can make words do precisely what they need to do. I’ll create a message that will not only sell whatever you want to sell but also help your business’s branding in the process.

So if you want to be the next success story or just want to add another accomplishment to your long list of them you need to shoot me an email now to get the ball rolling. My and we can go from there to set up your appointment.

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