Building Value

Building value is a primary job of marketing, but how do you go about it? One of the best lessons about marketing is to learn that price is not as important as value. Building value is done subtly with words about benefits and proof. like everything else in marketing and copywriting it all begins with research. Find out what the person buying deems of value from the benefits they’ll receive.

Sell Without Selling

The more you can sell these without seeming like you’re selling, the greater the value you will be giving it. Say you’re main benefit is that it will help them to lose weight. This to someone that’s overweight will find valuable. Of course, there are many products out there that claim to help people lose weight. Claiming it doesn’t build any value. There must be proof in the form of testimonials, endorsements, or clinical proof.
The more proof you can supply the greater the trust you will have gained. This will make you able to overcome one of the sales resistances people have. toward buying any product or service. They must trust you, your product/service and your company. The more they grow to trust what you’re telling them. This will increase your chances of getting them to know and like you.
Trust automatically builds value, but it is not enough. because people buy with their emotions and then justify their purchase with logic. If they never get the emotional urge to buy all the proof in the world will not get the sale. Benefits that they can see affecting their life bring their emotions to the surface.

Building Value Is Your Best Selling Tool

There will more than likely be more than one benefit. Sometimes there may even be many. Discovering the benefit(s) that push their buttons must first be determined. This is where you learn why someone wants to buy in the first place. Weight loses will make them feel better but this is not why people buy this type of product. The bottom line is they want to look better, be more attractive. This is why they buy, even though they probably won’t admit it, even to themselves.
Benefits Build Value

Benefits Build Value

Building value through imagery is powerful. This is the most effective way for any marketer to reach their selling goals. The person buying sees the value as they imagine themselves benefiting from the product. They have a problem and they are in need of a solution. The more desperate they are the more value this method of communicating accomplishes.
When you would like to build value utilize this method and you will see how powerful your words can become. If you’d like to have my help with the copy of your sales material I’m available for hire on a freelance basis. Email me at to set up your appointment today.


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