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Randy S. Hall - Freelance CopywriterWorking in the advertising department of a newspaper Randy began learning about copywriting . Print ads, that was the game then, and that meant there was sales copy to written for the products to sell. It was Randy's job to listen to the clients to learn what they wanted and to figure out what they needed to succeed.

As he wrote copy for his retail clients he found that what he had to give them was some very persuasive words. This brought in customers. to their doors ready to buy. It was the total package. Great headlines, words and visuals to tell the story. Sales copy to keep their attention, leading them to buy.

Now that he's retired he doesn't want to  stop doing everything. This he'd like to do by keeping his hand in helping clients with their marketing material needs.

Randy lives in Colorado with his wife. They're empty nesters now, with a grand baby that they enjoy spending time spoiling. Below they are out with  a group of speaker and author friends.

Out on the town

Working With The Power OF Persuasion

Marketing materials are a tool to open doors, drive traffic and bring in paying customers. Randy's talents will give you this benefit through the sales copy he'll right for you. He has always had a way with words. That along with a quick and imaginative mind makes Randy a great choice for your marketing needs.

Randy S. Hall - Freelance Copywriter"What I enjoy the most is knowing I've help someone to increase their profits. I love to see the results when the piece I've written starts working. There are many triumph I've experienced in life, but helping others is the best."

"People want you to engage with them. They want entertainment or to see themselves living a better life."

 After discovering his unique talent Randy began to learn more about advertising & marketing. He wanted to help his clients solve their problems. Working at the paper taught him a lot. so much that he wanted to know if there was more. He took AWAI's course on Copywriting to see if there was and found it was a thorough course. Like everything there is more to know, and Randy will continue to learn.

Closing The Gap

Marketing is about building relationships with a certain target audience. It is necessary at some point to introduce yourself to them. What better way than having custom written sales materials at the ready. Looking like a professional for that all important first introduction is a must. Armed with new sales material would make it as near to a sure thing as possible.

This new sales material will get your foot in the door by actually have them call you. If handled right they'll be ready with an order. At least it's most likely new business, something every company needs to stay alive. But you need to go one step farther and that's where closing the gap comes into play.

Relationships, the very word spells long term. It is these long term relationships that you want . They are the cream of the crop, the repeat customer, coming again and again, with money to spend

The Copywriting Business

Hall of Words  is a dedicated copywriting business that provides superior sales materials. Tailor made sales copy with the target audience and specific purpose in mind. Each piece is hand crafted from beginning to end. With his conceptual eye and copywriting abilities he'll produce profits for your company.

Take a look around, I'm sure you'll find it rewarding. I recommend starting with the Solutions page where you can see some examples of Randy's work.

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