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Through the many services I offer you will be able to finally get a handle on your marketing. Your campaigns will take on a whole new life with the things I can write for you. Though I specialize in  web design and sales/landing pages I do banner and FaceBook ads as well . I also love the challenge of doing something different and something special.


Copywriting Services
What can you use copywriting for? Any medium from TV to radio to print and especially the internet. The need is for Sales Pages, Landing Pages and Banner or FaceBook Ads. TV and Radio ads need scripts.

When was the last time you updated your sales copy or tried boosting your business with a FaceBook ad?

What about a new website to shake things up?

Landing Pages and Banner/FaceBook Ads

Landing Pages & Banner Ads
Landing pages are a useful tool in that they provide a great entry into your sales funnel. They give the prospect only two options, click or leave. When well done they will entice the prospect into doing what you want. Most always this is for the prospect to give an email address in exchange for something of value as a benefit.

With the form filled out they'll go to an offer/thank you page. There, once again, they have the same two choices they had before. I like to give a landing page a little extra pizzas by using an image in the background. As for the message, it needs to be concise and to the point as there's limited space. The white space is of importance as it is what draws the reader into the  message.

To be effective  it is important to know as much as you can about the target audience. They are the reason you are in business, as they are looking for a solution. When you know what they're looking, offer it to them in the right way and they'll buy.

Print Ads and Brochures

Print Ads & Brochures
Some of your best leads can come from print ads placed in trade magazines and other publications. Offline, where you still can find your target audience is a great place to advertise. There are 3 different kinds of what I like to call print ads. Though each of the 3 Print Ad types used in different ways, they all have a very distinct similarity. They use visual and oral attraction methods to gain interest.

That attraction is what will bring you leads when focused on the target audience.  Presented in such a way that they want to know more.

Brochures are print ads that fit into either a bi-fold or tri-fold format. They are then printed and distributed in various ways. There are companies that distribute them in racks or they can be an asset for your sales staff. They can provide the perfect opportunity to bring in new business or clients.

Postcard and Inforgraphics

Postcards & Infographics
Postcard are a very effective way of getting your message in front of prospects with direct mail. I got my start creating print ads and what is a postcard but a print ad you mail out. They are great for promoting your business when using them for special events or sales.

For service business postcard are especially well suited when prospecting for new business. I know they work as I've seen them in action. You also know they work or you wouldn't keep getting them in your mailbox at home and work.

An infographic is a dramatic way to make points and create benefit visioning. They work great for presentation and websites alike. When I create an infographic I use colors mixed with graphics and words. Research is the key to making an infographic that is going to be effective. Then I take that information and turn it into a benefit that they can use to solve a problem they are having. That's typically how selling works is to solve someone's problem. Infogra[hic work to bridge the gap that may be preventing the sale to go through

In any event both of these products can benefit you by showing your customers and clients solutions. They are good for branding as well. There strongest feature is they are delivered directly to them.

Seeing Success

 Seeing Success
It is not clairvoyant that I can see how to sell a product . I see it as a solution. Present it to the people that are looking for that solution and persuade them to buy. But who are these people, this target audience? Where do they hang out, that's in a setting where the message is well received? This is where the solution lies. Finding the answers to these questions will help you find success. And the thing is, it is doable. It's a simple formula that requires a little bit of know how and quality copywriting.

if putting it all together is the QUESTION
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