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Websites Created by Hall of Words

Websites Created by Hall of Words

Hall of Words Website
Copywriting Services
Yes I know this is the site your on, but it is still a website that I created using a template I got for free. Just because I used a template there were still a lot of changes that I had to make for it to come out the way I wanted it to. I first had to choose a template that would have features I wanted it to have.

The first thing I had to do was create a header. The feather was hand drawn and scanned and reverse colored. The rest I made using Microsoft's paint program that comes with every computer. I wrote the words on every page. The images  were all selected by me and many of them created by me. I didn't have to do anything to the menu except change the wording.

As for the body of the site I didn't like the background color so I changed it to the blue. To do this I had to alter the images used to make the background. I used the left side for the sales page part along with the top right side.

The 4 services are the projects I'm primarily offering. I'm experienced and web design and accomplished enough of a copywriter to do them both well.

I also wanted to have a sign-up form on the home page that was a prominent part of the page. I'm using the largest image to attract attention to that part of the page. With their eyes focused on it they'll see the free gift eBook and either subscribe or not.

The final peace is the call to action so they will know what it is that I want them to do. Besides reading, the only thing to do on the page is sign-up. The option I want them to take is to phone or email me.

I changed the code here and there and added some SEO source code. The meta description had to be completely inserted into the head area of the code. The template came with six differently configured pages which was a nice touch. This breaks up the monotony not being the same, but not different enough to seem like a separate site.


Randilea Publishing Website

Randilea Publishing Website
 Randilea Publishing began simply as a place to house my books and as my author platform. Then I realized what I had done for myself I could do for others who were not inclined to do so. Things like:
  • Designing their website
  • Creating a landing page
  • Making the book cover
  • Proofreading
  • Formatting the interior pages

This is a short list of the things needed for an author's platform. In any case I created this site using a free template that I modified the heck out of.
Again this template had several page variations used in constructing the site. I liked the color scheme and modified the header to reflect it. I wrote all the words and selected all the pictures. I had to change the menu, but the body of the pages were easy. With all the different ones to choose from, all I did was write the words and select the images.
The source code was more of the same as Hall of Words, that being to add and change it for SEO purposes. SEO is a very worthwhile thing to know how to do. Unfortunely it is a very vast subject that has more than 50 things to check or do. In other words I'm certain I've missed one or two items that I should have done or written or whatever.

Sea Breeze Website

Sea Breeze Website
This site was  done  purely for spec. There was no client. There may be a Sea Breeze Beech Resort somewhere, but I don't know one way or the other. My whole motivation was to create a sales page for an ocean side resort to try and get gigs. I began to see that I liked making websites. The sales page is fun to write, but to tell the story you need the rest of the pages. It is the whole package that sells and if the content is right enough and pertinent to the reader they stay. As they stay on the site they become more and more engaged. They also become more convinced that they need to buy or click or give their email address.

if putting it all together is the QUESTION
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